What sets us apart from all other 401(k) providers is service. In the over 25 years that we have been working in the retirement market, it has become very clear that an educated employee participates in the company's retirement plan. All too often it is left to the HR professional to get the information to the employee in hopes that he/she will:

  1. Understand how a retirement plan works
  2. Understand how to pick suitable investment options and correctly complete the enrollment paperwork.
  3. Understand how to consolidate other retirement plans to ensure proper asset allocation.

In most cases, the HR professional does not have the time, or background in investments, to offer this type of help. Don't just hand them their "401(k) packet" and hope they understand and participate, We are dedicated to educating each and every individual as to how to best utilize this very important benefit. We want to be your retirement resource both at the time of eligibility, as well as after the fact, giving you a resource that will always be there to help. Your employees will truly appreciate having some one to go to for any and all of their long term investment questions and needs. Best of all, like the old time doctor, we still make house calls!