Life Insurance

Today, life insurance plays a critical role in many areas of long term retirement planning, in our personal as well as professional lives. As financial consultants, we believe that life insurance is a cornerstone of wealth management. All too often we find that our clients are either under insured, or over insured. As part of reviewing our clients overall financial situation, we will review your life insurance to be sure that you have the right amount of insurance, as well as the right type.

All insurance policies are not the same. We will review your insurance needs for both now and the future, to ensure adequate protection. In the past, life insurance has been looked at as a "necessary evil" that only benefits the survivors of the policy. We take a completely different approach. If used properly, life insurance can be a tremendous complement to your traditional long term savings plans. In many cases, the average investor has no idea of the inherent tax advantages offered through life insurance policies.

We will review your current life insurance needs and make recommendations on how you may enhance what you are already doing, or use this important estate and tax planning tool to protect yourself and your assets.