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We believe in today’s hectic and complex business environment, employers and HR managers are pulled in many directions. Our goal at Agrandar Associates is to partner with you to take the hassle of explaining retirement planning off your desk. Your employees will be impressed with the level of personalized attention you are giving to their needs. We are committed to saving you time and money by doing this time consuming task for you.

We begin by setting up enrollment meetings with your employees as they become eligible. We will prepare individual materials based on their personal situation, review their goals and objectives, and design a retirement plan specific to them. Our goal is to keep your time committed to your 401(k) as minimal as possible. When was the last time your financial representative offered to do this? How often do you ever even see the person who sold you your plan in the first place?

Our experience is that this approach will also help to significantly increase participation, which will typically help lower the fees of the plan, as well as potentially keep the plan from becoming top heavy. This significantly benefits the highly compensated employees, who may be limited as to how much they are able to contribute to your company plan.

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